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How Are Microfiber Cleaning Products Made?
Last Updated: 08/28/2014
Microfiber used in the manufacturing of cleaning products is usually made of either 100 % polyester or a blend of polyester and polyamide. Each one of the individual strands in a microfiber mop or cleaning cloth are 1/100 the size of a human hair and the ends of each strand are split which causes them to curl under on the ends creating hooks on the end of each strand. These strands are very effective at grabbing and holding liquids and soils. The soil and liquid picked up is released when the product is laundered. Microfiber leaves very little if any lint behind unlike other cleaning cloths. Microfiber is also very absorbent due to the cells created in its yarn during the manufacturing process. Top quality microfiber will hold up to 7 to 8 times its weight in liquid.

Top quality microfiber cleaning products are all manufactured with split strands. Split microfiber products are far superior to microfiber products using yarn not split during the manufacturing process. Microfiber that is not split in the manufacturing process is less expensive but does not clean nearly as effectively as split microfiber. A top quality microfiber cloth or mop should grab your skin when ran over the back of your hand or arm. Always be sure to purchase split microfiber cleaning products.

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